Description of Works

The description of any work including authenticity, attribution, provenance, date, age title and condition is made in good faith and is our judgement, opinion and to the best of our knowledge.  Expert opinions do sometimes change and vary and we do not accept any liability if this occurs after the sale of the work.

Guide to descriptions:

Name of the artist - in our opinion this is a work by the artist.

'Attributed to' - in our opinion is likely to be a work by the artist.

'Studio of' - in our opinion a work executed in the studio or workshop of the artist possibly under the artists supervision.

'Circle of' - in our opinion a work of the period of the artist showing his influence, closely associated with the artist but not necessarily his pupil.

'Manner of' - in our opinion a work in the style of the artist but of a later date.

'After' - in our opinion a copy of any date of a work of the artist.

'Signed/Dated/Inscribed' -  in our opinion the work has been signed/dated/inscribed by the artist.

'With signature/With date/with inscription' or 'Bears signature/date/inscription' - in our opinion the signaature/date/inscription has been added by someone other than the artist.

Conditions of Sale

All works remain the property of Isherwood Fine Art Ltd until full payment has been received and all funds cleared.  Once payment has been cleared, full ownership will then pass to the purchaser who will become fully responsible for  the work either on delivery and receipt of the work (if Isherwood Fine Art Ltd  is responsible for organising transportation) or once it leaves our premises (if purchaser organises transportation).


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